2021 — MagniuM — Brand consulting, market analysis, development of positioning and communication plan, proposal for changes in the design of identity, packaging and website
Project team:
Stages of work:
Together with our partners, consulting company 360 Consult, we conducted a full audit of the MagniuM brand. The process of work lasted up to 3 months.
In the future, the client plans to implement our recommendations into the work of the brand with his own team.
Project leader: 360 Consult consulting agency and its founder Andrey Obukhovich, partner at Social Animals
Project management, brand strategy: Daria Stratovich, founder of Social Animals
Brand Strategy: Maria Protopopova, Lead Marketer, Social Animals
Design: Violetta Berezhnaya, lead designer at Social Animals
Targeted advertising: Olga Pavlova, targetologist, partner of Social Animals
Web design and SEO: Web-Valley agency, partner of Socal Animals
It was important for us not only to carry out an analysis and draw conclusions, but also to prescribe a clear step-by-step plan for further work in all areas, from rebranding to the implementation of the communication plan. We also provided the client with drafts of a new identity and packaging design, references for changes in the design of the site, social networks and marketing materials, as well as creative texts, theses and headings that can be used in work right now.
2-hour call with a client, where we discuss 3 components: Customer, Client, Company. As a result, we analyze the client’s request, determine the wishes, goals and form a step-by-step plan for further work.
Market research
We conduct a comprehensive analysis by a team in Russia and the USA: competitors, trends in the soft drinks market in Russia and abroad, trends in packaging design. As a result, we draw a parallel with the current actions of the client, select trends that are relevant to us, conduct a SWOT analysis and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current product and positioning.
Brand audit
We analyze current materials: identity, packaging, website, communications, customer and audience reviews, tone of voice and positioning. As a result, we offer a list of changes that can be implemented to achieve brand goals, whether it be sales, building a strong community, promoting the brand, and so on.
Target audience
We work out in detail the categories of the target audience, as well as what information and values need to be broadcast for each category. We also prescribed a specific wording when addressing each type of audience in the B2C segment, as well as an example of a basic offer to partners in the B2B segment.
We are working on a strong positioning, taking into account the information and conclusions that we received in the previous stages. We describe in detail the mission, values, voice and character of the brand, brand legend, USP in the B2C and B2B segments. All texts, slogans and headlines can be used in brand marketing and communication materials right now.
Communications plan
We wrote down a list of product, team, and mission messages that need to be communicated in order to make a holistic impression on potential customers. Next, we compiled a list of sites (media, communities, bloggers) where we can find the brand’s audience, as well as placement options on each site and other details. We also set out the stages according to which you should start publishing PR materials, launching collaborations, advertising in the media and with bloggers.
Social media
We analyzed the current content on the brand’s social networks, analyzed competitors in terms of the same indicators, and also looked at the results of current targeted advertising campaigns. As a result, they identified strengths and weaknesses and came up with a list of suggestions and steps that can be implemented right now.
Together with our partners, web design agency Web Valley, we conducted a detailed audit of the MagniuM website, as well as competitor websites in terms of design, user experience, SEO indicators. Next, we wrote down growth points and recommendations for each block of the current site, and also came up with a list of references and solutions that we propose to apply.
Rebranding: concept
Based on our analysis, we came up with proposals for changing the logo, corporate identity, packaging and marketing materials. We also provided references and first drafts of the new identity and packaging design.
Upon completion of work with MagniuM, we issued all our analysis, conclusions, recommendations and a step-by-step plan for further work in the form of a presentation.
MagniuM: brand consulting and positioning
Client’s commentary:
– Victoria Sokolova, Founder and CEO of MagniuM.
"Thanks to the Social Animals team and Daria personally. Our company approached with one task: to form the positioning of the brand in the soft drinks market. The peculiarity of our product is the absence of a formed niche in the Russian market of functional drinks.
As a result of the work, we received ready-made tools for image formation, positioning and detuning among competitors, recommendations for the formation of a commercial offer.
In the process of collecting information about our product, we identified weaknesses and strengths. The Social Animals team studied both the Russian and foreign markets and offered the most effective packaging and image-building solutions. The communication plan with potential buyers is written in sufficient detail, the mission and voice of the brand are formed.
Our company received a qualitative analysis and working recommendations for the development of the brand and product."