3D and Motion
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Imagination has no limits
What are 3D and motion? It's a form of design that combines animated 3D and 2D graphics, music, and sound effects. It's the most effective (and impactful) tool for storytelling, audience engagement, and delivery of information.
3D and motion design is used to create:
85% of people would like to see more video content from brands.
69% of people prefer to watch a video to learn about a product or service (only 18% prefer to learn by reading text).
• Digital advertising for TV and Outdoor screens
• Content for social media
• Presentations
• Music videos
• Augmented and virtual reality materials
• Animations for web design and applications
• 360-degree videos
• Infographics and educational videos
• Promotional videos
Numbers speak for themselves :
86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.
Video content is an opportunity to grow and level up your brand.
How we create a video:
Finalize the video, make corrections and transfer the final materials to the client
Giorgi Gasashvili, art director of Social Animals, specializes in 3D and motion.
We strive to exceed expectations, and work artlessly, confidently, and with maximum involvement.
We capture the wishes and demands of our clients, and together we come up with an outstanding result. The process is transparent:
Write a script, create characters, and produce scenes
Discuss the proposal
Draw a storyboard and agree on the style of the video
Produce scenes in 2D or 3D
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Our 3D and Motion works:
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Simple Shape
2020 — 3D — Motion — Sound design
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