2020 — Creative project by Violetta Berezhnaya — Illustrations and design
Designer’s commentary
Board game «Morok»
Board game "Morok" is a tactical card game based on the principles of solitaire and mahjong, suited for an audience of 16+. There are 7 anthropomorphic characters. The rules of the game are based on the layout of cards that are laid out on the table in a certain pattern. The name of such layouts is "nav". This refers to the beliefs of the ancient Slavic people, for whom the world is divided into 3 parts: "prav'", "nav'", and "yav'" or "reality".
— Veta, Social Animals, Head of Design.
"The game is based on Slavic mythology and is inspired by the ancient Russian folklore and its interpretation in the form of illustrations by Ivan Bilibin and the Palekh miniature. The board game draws attention to Slavic mythology, as it is usually perceived in the form of children’s fairy tales, but in reality it is something more dark and mystical."