2021 — Cloud technologies for business — Brand consulting, brand identity
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Single Cloud
The founder of the company turned to us for advice, which later transformed into finalizing the brand identity. The main task was to come to a visually coherent brand.
We have gone through several stages:
• Consultation on the logo, colors and fonts that the client originally used
• Development of recommendations and moodboard
• Finalization of the logo, selection of a color palette, gradients and fonts
• Development of recommendations for changes to the company’s website
Client’s commentary
Social Animals commentary
— Islam Nurudinov and Single Cloud team.
"In search of a creative agency for our IT startup, we turned to our friend for advice, whose expert opinion is beyond doubt. He advised us to call Daria and her agency Social Animals. We were not mistaken, this is a team of professionals.
Initially, the Single Cloud logo used pink, which already distinguished their competitors. We decided to take this color as a basis, refine it and create gradients that can be used on the website, branded materials, and also animated. We also came up with a proposal for a new font for the logo and font combinations for the site and branded materials.
Competitors and cloud computing companies often turn to blue or green color palettes. However, during the first call with the client, we saw their willingness to try something new and to make bold decisions.
The very next day, online, we discussed with Daria our vision of the project’s identity, and two days later we received an offer that exceeded all our expectations!
Exact hit on our ideas, creativity, suggestions, refinement, and a great result at the end.
We are most satisfied with the cooperation, we have a lot of joint work ahead of us. There are many ideas, and now we know exactly who can be trusted with them.
Thank you, Daria and Social Animals! You are true professionals!»