2020 — Business consulting — Brand identity, branded materials, landing page
Academy of Service
In partnership with the client, we developed the identity and "voice" of the Academy of Service brand.
Academy of Service is a consulting company that operates in the field of administrative services and provides a wide range of services, from consulting and auditing to the full implementation of turnkey projects. The Academy of Service business model is unique and has no analogues on the Russian market, and the founders of the company are experts in the field of administrative services, organization and filling of the space.
Client’s commentary
The process
What now?
At the end of 2021, the client updated some elements of the landing page with the help of their internal design team.
In addition, Social Animals and Academy of Service have partnered as some Academy of Service clients require our services as well.
From the suggested references and moodboards, they liked two very opposite ideas, which we developed in the stylescape format. We understand that it is a really difficult task to decide what visual solutions you want to implement, especially if the client is faced with such a need for the first time. Therefore, we do everything so that our clients get acquainted with various scenarios for the development of events, "try on" them for themselves, and only then make a choice.
The client also needed advice on choosing a company name and copywriting services in Russian and English for a website, presentation and other materials.
We worked on texts and creating an identity at the same time in order to present a complete solution. In this case, it is easier for the client to imagine how the final project will look like in real life. The creation of the landing page was the last stage of the project.
It was important for the client to launch online with high quality, to develop all the necessary materials to get started, as well as to participate in promotional events and present their project to the public.
At the moment, the Academy of Service is successfully developing, and the founders of the company are building a personal brand and company image by participating in promotional events, conferences, and so on.
"We are very grateful to Daria and the Social Animals team for an unrealistically cool project that was implemented on a turnkey basis.
Starting with the development of the brand book of the company, ending with the design of the site, souvenirs, etc. All materials for our company were implemented through a "single window", which is super convenient in the modern world.
At the start of the project, we had many questions, and we did not understand where to start. Daria clearly and clearly put everything in its place, guiding and accompanying us on the path of the project. All the time we felt support and help and every time we saw a quality result. Dasha has a unique ability to listen and hear people and bit by bit to collect the necessary puzzle.
It is difficult to express in words the gratitude and emotions that we experienced during the project and its outcome. I just want to scream WOW!!! How cool and brilliant is that!
Thank you very much for "our" 100% site, colors, text, style and design. It is worth a lot when not just a "beautiful" picture is created, which is divorced from reality, and you seem to be trying on a "someone else’s coat". But a really "lived" product, which is a part of your heart and soul and only emphasizes you.
— Vera Shcherbakova and Artem Kardashov, founders of the Academy of Service
Thank you for your patience and finding new solutions to our changes while working on the site.
I think this is just the beginning of our interaction.”